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do feel free to read this all over again at Farage's next Coronation as conveniently and unsurprisingly you can expect this all to be re packaged and re-presented as once elected none will be competently carried out!!

Whether it is a promise on Meridian TV to publish open, transparent accounts, or a promise no elected member of UKIP will employ family or the promises to integrity - under Farage's leadership there has NEVER been an honest fair election.

Farage seems to think promises are like marriage vows or principles, namely to be broken when it suits or 'traded' for personal gain. 

Just check the track record!

NO Transparent published accounts.

Farage employs his wife Kirsten on £30Kpa 

Bloom employs he neice

Is there an honourable action that has not been foregone?

£Millions seem to have gone missing.

Members are terrorised for questioning or asking.

MEPs are barely challenged in massive frauds.

OLAF is usually investigating more UKIP MEPs than not.

The leadership lied, dissemble and distort to damage those that may challenge.

The Vision and aim is all too clear TO FIGHT ELECTIONS - Why?

It all looks hideously like a self enrichment scam for a Farage claque!

Sadly - No nothing has changed in 2010's election!

UKIP The Future

Nigel writes:
Publish Post

“What are our priorities? We must not make the mistake of organising committees and structures for their own sake. Our objective is to leave the European Union and our method ever since we set up the Party in 1993 has been to fight elections. This must remain our priority and we must never spend our time on endless discussions when we should be preparing for elections. That said however we must now set about professionalising UKIP at every level, especially in our administration which has often been a shambles. ”

“So many times in the past I have sat through endless NEC meetings where the last things that were ever discussed were forthcoming elections. Part of this problem is that when the NEC only meets once a month there is much Party bureaucracy to be discussed. 

The other reason is that we often have an NEC with little or no real experience of planning and fighting campaigns. Whilst our new improved constitution keeps the NEC as the ultimate authority it should be a body that acts as a check and balance on Party activity. It will never be more than that. 

The real work must be done by professionals with real experience. Our history shows that sub-committees, often headed up by an NEC member, produce results and should be used more.

“As useful means of communicating to branches what is happening in the Party would be to combine NEC meetings with a branch chairman's meeting later in the day. I proposed this in my NEC election address of 2006 and am happy to say that this will now happen.”

UKIP Leader

“I have watched both Jeffrey Titford and Roger Knapman become bogged down with endless internal Party matters and problems. In their free time they have travelled the length and breadth of the UK to speak at meetings, often with less than 50 people in the hall. All of this is madness and must stop now.

“The job of the leader is to give a political lead and to be as available as possible to the media. Our leader must be capable of putting over strong messages and be able to attract high level support. He or she must work closely with the Party Chairman, but not do the job of the chairman.”

National Campaign Director

“To date it has been the responsibility of the Chairman both to run the Party, and to prepare us for elections. This is too big a job for any one person. I am therefore proposing the appointment of a National Campaign Director who will oversee our preparations for local elections, by-elections, General Elections and European elections. 

We need to have election targets and timetables, and there must be accountability with our Regional Organisers either delivering or being replaced. 

We should aim to have adopted over 300 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the next General Election by next spring. I have absolute confidence that we have the right man for the job in Steve Allison. He was our candidate in the Hartlepool by-election when we beat the Tories, he was Campaign Manager in Bromley where we beat Labour, and he is a serving UKIP District Councillor.”

Party Chairman

“Relieved of the role of planning elections, the Party Chairman can get on with the job of running The Party on a day-to-day basis. There is much to be done as our branches are currently badly served. We need a Chairman with real management experience who can command the respect of Party officers, and who will receive reports from the General Secretary on a daily basis. The Chairman will also need to be tough. 

To succeed in the political arena a party needs unity and discipline as split parties simply do not succeed. This is a vital appointment therefore and I have yet to decide who is the best person for the job.”

General Secretary

“When a branch officer or an ordinary member calls Head Office there must be someone in authority present. Our General Secretary must therefore be based in our Head Office. This has not been the case for the last couple of years with the result that phone calls are often not answered properly.
National Campaign Committee

“In 2002 I took the chair of the European Elections Committee. The plan was to properly prepare UKIP for the 2004 Euro elections. The committee had representation of the UK regions and working by consensus we drew up the rules and plans for the campaign. It was an outstanding success. UKIP must put in place a campaign committee now for the 2007 local, Scottish and Welsh elections. Our effort in 2006 was very poor indeed and things need to be substantially better next year.”

Head Office

“We have been through an unsettled time recently with the move from Birmingham to Devon. It must be our ambition to have London headquarters for UKIP. There are certainly arguments for outsourcing some clerical and computer related work but our political centre must be where the national media are located.

Internal Party Communications

“Though we spend a great deal of money on Independence News, we still have a major problem within the party in keeping our branches and activists informed. Adrian Lithgow, who stood for us in the 2005 General Election in Bognor Regis, has just launched a communications audit within the party. The aim is to find out where the blockages are and to make improvements. However, I have some preliminary suggestions:

1) A revamped UKIP website. Our site has served us well, but needs a fresh look and must have films, interviews and speeches available. We must remember that we have great potential with younger voters.

2) An admin website which is long overdue. This will contain an organisation chart and contact tree for the party, and will also serve as a notice board for forthcoming events. 

3) A weekly message from the leader. About half our membership are on e-mail and a weekly message with political and party news would be very helpful to them. 

4) Database updates for branches. Whilst head office does send out up-to-date membership lists, information on new members is too slow in arriving. From the time Head Office or a regional office receives a new member the branch should be informed within 48 hours. As nearly every branch has e-mail, this should not prove to be difficult.

5) Training. Though we have made a start on this, there needs to be regular professional training for candidates and branch officers organised on a regional level.

6) Internet Forums. At the moment there is no official UKIP forum for discussion. There are various other sites but nearly all of them are dominated by people from other parties. The effect of these sites has been very negative for UKIP. I think that we should consider our own official site that only UKIP members can log on to.

7) Party Accounts. Some quite disgraceful comments have been made by our opponents about UKIP’s accounts and supposed lack of probity. At all times, UKIP accounts have been accepted by the Electoral Commission, passed by the NEC and approved at the Party business meeting. However, to allay any further fears or suspicions, UKIP audited accounts will in future appear on the admin website.”

“This is just a brief overview of how I see the future Party structure. There will be much more to sort out if you elect me as leader, including the collection of your email addresses for those regular bulletins to members. As always though my absolute priority will be on planning and fighting elections.”

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