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#NF019* - Nigel FARAGE of UKIP - SPEAKS IN BERLIN FOR Pan EU Co-operation

#NF019* -  Nigel FARAGE of UKIP - SPEAKS IN BERLIN FOR Pan EU Co-operation
#Doc054* - Nigel FARAGE of UKIP - SPEAKS IN BERLIN FOR Pan EU Co-operation


Nigel FARAGE SPEECH 25-Sep-2010

First of all, my compliments to those professors who have been brave enough to take this challenge to the German Constitutional Court. It takes great strength and courage to swim against the tide of a media and academic environment which is continuously and fanatically pushing an agenda of EU political integration. You, the knowledgeable and visionary people have taken a stand of which you can be proud, a stand which is principled, and protective of the highest ideals of German democracy. I am here today to show my support and encourage you all to further develop the vital work you have already started

Empires of Political Union never work.

You have taken the first step in the fight against the construction of a European empire, centred in Brussels.
If you travel to Northern Africa today, in the hot sands of Egypt for example, you can see the ruins of opulent buildings of the once mighty Roman Empire. The remnants of the courts, and palaces and gymnasia of the Roman Empire are dotted all over this continent and others.

People were once taught to believe that the Roman Empire would last forever, that it was invincible, indestructible - and most importantly they thought it was inevitable. That here was no alternative but to be obedient and to submit to its political and military power. This was not true

The historical developments show us that large multi-national empires, or political unions if you like, do not properly function and further more do not survive. Where are today the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, or the Austrio-Hungarian Empire? Their glorious histories and their proud times are just pieces of information on the books, historical documentaries and mouments covered over by the sands of time.

Spurred on by events, the peoples of these once powerful political unions, acted to seek one of the most precious things that a people can possess - their freedom and the ability to determine their own future.

The EU project is not about peace but about elite gaining more power.

Frequently the builders of these empires appealed to those whom they ruled, saying that they wanted to build up a pact of diverse nations into a union of peace and prosperity. That people must forget their own national interests in the name of a greater peace.

On his 80th birthday, Helmut Kohl announced that the fate of the EU’s floundering single currency was a matter of life and death: He said, “European unification is a question of war and peace... and the euro is part of our guarantee of peace.”
I am fascinated by the effect and history of the First World War. I have been to Verdun many times, frequently leading parties of history enthusiasts to learn what happened there, and why.
Who can forget the iconic image of Chancellor Helmut Kohl and French President, François Mitterrand, at the battlefield of Verdun in September 2004, holding hands and saying 'Never again.'. The subtext being of course, that the EU is necessary to prevent war on the European Continent. They forgot to mention that mature democracies rarely, if ever, initiate wars. They played on a peoples' honorable desire for peace while aiming to justify their drive towards the political unification of European nations and the destruction of national democracies.
Far from being a project of Peace, as Sunday Telegraph journalist Christopher Booker has ably shown in his book 'The Great Deception', the initial impetus towards the Common Market was an American desire to re-arm Germany after World War II and prepare for a possibly violent Cold War with the Communist East.
Of course, now the EU is showing its true colours, EU Commission President Barroso a few weeks ago called for a Common EU Defence and Foreign Policy

The claim that the EU was built up for the benefit of peace is a completely false foundation myth.

Lets not forget the example of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. It is a clear and strong model which shows us that the un-natural and undemocratic squeezing together of diverse peoples into a political union against their will surely lead to resentment, anger and eventually, in the case of Yugoslavia, horrible bloodshed.

The World has Grown to Love Germany

The propagandists of the EU project have for decades played on and encouraged German guilt about the War to build up sympathy and support for their political and bureaucratic project.
However, this attempt shall fail for a number of reasons:
The number of young people who have never experienced the War is increasing all the time.
Because over the last 60 years the world has grown to love the German people again.

Germany needs to get over its World War guilt complex. The rest of the world has clearly moved on, and forgiven any past wrongs. Look around and see how a young German, Lena was voted Eurovision Song Contest winner, while the Catholic Church chose an erudite German, Joseph Ratzinger as Pope. A humorous Catholic might say that Germany now has even the Holy Spirit on side!

Germany just lost out on a chance to win the World Cup on Football by a few badly taken penalties!

It is this World War guilt complex which has emotionally squeezed many German politicians to support and fund the political integration of the EU.

But the good thing is, the world has forgiven Germany, and the time for war reparations, (paid as subvention of the EU) is over.

"The current situation is that the EU plays, Germany pays.

The German people should rightfully oppose forking out a huge amount of money to prop up a failed currency. Up to this point, the German people have been the mugs of Europe. They have paid for to much.

Time to say to the weak economies of Europe, enough is enough, you have to look after yourselves. Time to grow up and be responsible adults. 'You are fifty years of age, no more pocket-money from Daddy.'

As it stands the ECB are buying up junk government bonds in the market place which will undoubtedly lead to trouble.

Billionaire investor George Soros, who knows a thing or two about currencies, recently said, "Due to its history, Germany is more worried about inflation than about recession. In the rest of the world, it is exactly the other way around." Germany's interests are not served by being in a monetary union with other countries who have completely different needs and goals.

To prevent economic disaster, Germany needs to take back the Mark, and take back control.

Chancellor Merkel has used the concept of 'beneficial crisis', and has used this situation of financial crisis as an excuse to grab more power for Euro federalists. She and her fellow travellers like Martin Schulz cynically manipulating a situation to gain more of what they want. The EU and ill-conceived Euro project to a large extent created this crisis, yet these manipulators now call for more Europe, more centralised EU control - more of the same.

The German people need to protect themselves, their country and get rid of Eurofanatics.

Concerning the Greek bailout, to protect their own future, and prevent their hard-earned money being poured down a black hole of no return, the German people need to tell their politicians, 'Not one penny more. If the Greeks need the money, let them call in the IMF alone. We have paid enough already.'

The strong economies of northern Europe and the weak economies of the Med are incompatible. You can't hold two watermelons in the same hand at once. It is a huge waste of money trying to bail them out.

The Economic Consequences of the Euro and loss of Democratic oversight

You should feel proud of your hard work and your loyal commitment to your nation which has built a strong German economy and stable society. Yet why should the Germans pay billions of Euro to bail out the Meds, and prop up the Euro, while being forced to cut their budget for German childcare and education? The euro currency and political union is a crazy project. The Euro is a folly which no longer serves the interests of the German people or indeed the other peoples of Europe.

To ensure the stability of European economies as a whole, either the weak Meds leave the Euro, or the Germans leave the euro and take back the Deutsche mark. That is the only way forward.

It is in everybody's interest that countries like Greece, Spain and Ireland leave the euro, take up their own currency again and devalue. They need to be free to prosper. The alternative for these countries is a deflationary spiral, allied to increasing debt levels and eventual default.

By 2013 the debt levels of Greece and Spain etc will be so huge, that they shall not be able to repay. For Chancellor Merkel to give bucket loads of German taxpayers' money, created by your hard work, to such countries in the name of 'an ever closer political union' which no-one wants, is unjust and definitely un-necessary.

This is compounded by the fact that the German people are now having to face massive cuts in Government spending for vital services because the ruling politicians, committed to this EU Project are sending your taxpayers' money abroad.

This economic crisis in Europe, facilitated in many ways by the Euro, will finally make people question this whole project of political union. The Euro is unwanted, political union unnecessary.

Cooperation and Free trade -YES, political union- NO

I am all in favour of democratically elected national government cooperating together, freely agreeing minimum standards if that is what they want.

Cooperation and free-trade is great, but that is all we need. Political union cannot and shall not work.

The EU is asking the German people to bail it out, when the EU accounts have not been approved for 15 years. Given that the EU is a codeword for profligate waste and fraud, the question to you is - Should you, the German people, trust your money to this organisation?

The EU, the institution of butter mountains and wine lakes is the last institution the German people should be entrusting their hard-earned money to."

Loss of democratic oversight by the German people.

But the question of the Euro brings us to a much deeper problem with the EU.
Whoever asked the German people their opinion about ditching the deutche mark and having the Euro currency imposed instead? Can you remember being asked?
They were never consulted about the Euro, nor have they been directly consulted about a huge amount of laws which affect their daily lives.

Prompted by a question by Dr Roman Herzog, Former German President and former president of the German Constitutional Court who asked about the extent of new German laws which emanate from Brussels, the German Ministry of Justice compared the legal acts adopted by the Federal Republic of Germany between 1998 and 2004 with those adopted by the European Union during that period.

What was the result of this study? It found that an incredible 84 percent of news laws and regulations came from Brussels while only 16 percent of the laws came originally from the German Bundestag in Berlin. These figures are both startling and worrying
Dr Herzog himself said "the question has to be raised of whether Germany can still unreservedly be called a parliamentary democracy.", This is frightening - a real wake-up call.
This indicates that the German people have lost democratic oversight of the laws which govern their lives. This is very dangerous for democracy, a concept and practice which the German people helped develop and protect. In the national elections - what does it really matter which of the current parties you vote for when all of them are happy to allow the laws to be dictated by people you did not elect in Brussels and of whom you cannot get rid of.
By handing over the power to decide on German laws, the euro federalists have carried out the equivalent of setting fire to the Reichstag. It is people who want national democracy and are the good Europeans.

The EU has no Legitimacy

The question must be asked, if the German people did not consent to this hand over of power to the Brussels elite, how did the unelected Bureaucrats of the EU get this power?
Quite simple, the bureaucrats of the EU stole it by lying, and by cheating the people of Europe.
They lied about the effects of the Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties. They ignored the fair referendum results in France, Holland and Ireland over the Lisbon treaty. They changed the name and a bit of text in the EU Constitution, called it the Lisbon Treaty and refused to give all the peoples of Europe a vote whether they wanted it or not.
They manipulated in Ireland, but putting in a huge amount of money for the Yes campaign, all allied to a subservient press.

The more power the EU has, the more unpopular it becomes.

This now leads us to an unusual situation. Just when the EU has never had more power, it has never been more unpopular.
The EU's own polling system Eurobarometer has shown a stark decline in levels of support for the present regime of the EU. In the last six months there has been a huge decline of the popularity of the EU system in Germany, in Greece, in Portugal. In Britain, a recent YouGov opinion poll (published on Sept 10th this year) has shown that a clear 47 % of the British population want to leave the EU political union altogether. A mere 33 % of British people think the EU is a good thing and wish to remain members in the current format.

Just look at the areas in which the EU has gained most power over the years. The Common Fisheries policy has been an economic and ecological disaster. The Common Agricultural policy an engine of inequity, the Common Commercial policy is helping to strangle business opportunities. And now with a surge towards a Common Foreign Policy - the EU talks about human rights but turns a turns a blind eye to abuse of basic human rights in China.

The EU has no respect for human rights. The EU made a fundamental mistake by allowing the accession of countries like Romania and Bulgaria to join the European Union when it knew of the high levels of corruption, and rampant discrimination against the large minorities of Roma in these countries.
Those political elites who control the direction of the EU turned a blind eye because the European Empire wants to expand and now the problem is not just in those countries - it is a problem for all of us.

Barroso just recently called for a Common Defence and Foreign policy. Where will it end? Quite simply, this surge towards EU Political union will not end unless you in Germany, the largest financial contributors to the EU, put a stop to it. I ask you to act to protect your democracy, your incomes and your national interest.

You now have a very real opportunity and the power to take back democratic control.

In the UK, we in UKIP, in 1993 started off very small, because a number of people were unhappy about the possibility of losing the pound and entering the ERM (say full name). But in the last European Parliament election in the UK we took 13 seats, beating the governing Labour Party.
The tide of opinion is turning in Germany. You now have the momentum of public opinion and events turning in your favour. Democrats in Germany now have a golden opportunity to build a broad eurosceptic movement with credible candidates to present to the German public in the next European elections.

If I may quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

This is a time of opportunity. I ask you to grab it and act on your noble desire of democracy again.

Thank you very much for your invitation, and thank you for your careful attention.

To view Pictures of the meeting CLICK HERE


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Friday, 24 September 2010




Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable!
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
 their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



I note that Nigel Farage has his new web site up and running a few minutes ago - it looks like Chris Mounsey is back on the payroll - at least he doesn't make a fool of himself with his insecure showing off that he has made and trashed his name with.

A pity he tried to be a serious commentator of which he is more than capable but completely blew it with his childish foul language and over the top displays of insecurity.

I must say he has come a long way in web design and this site he registered for Farage is clean, user friendly, modern and straightforward.

Would that Farage could live up to it but it is the same old stale sandwick wrapped up to try and make it look fresh and that it does but with the leadership in place and the resources of the party at ones disposal can we be ssurprised someone has designed a fresh packaging whilst he dashes off to Berlin to promote his Pan EU Political Party agenda with a talk at The Reinbeckhalle in Berlin!

Whether it is a promise on Meridian TV in 1999, to publish open, transparent accounts, or a promise no elected member of UKIP will employ family or the promises to integrity - under Farage's leadership there has NEVER been an honest fair election.

Farage seems to think promises are like marriage vows or principles, namely to be broken when it suits or 'traded' for personal gain. 

Look back to the leadership scams of the past The same Old, Same Old, 

Just check the track record!

NO Transparent published accounts.

Farage employs his wife Kirsten on £30Kpa 

Bloom employs he neice

Is there an honourable action that has not been foregone?

£Millions seem to have gone missing.

Members are terrorised for questioning or asking.

MEPs are barely challenged in massive frauds.

OLAF is usually investigating more UKIP MEPs than not.

The leadership lied, dissemble and distort to damage those that may challenge.

The Vision and aim is all too clear TO FIGHT ELECTIONS - Why?

It all looks hideously like a self enrichment scam for a Farage claque!

Sadly - No nothing has changed in 2010's election!
To View Nigel FARAGE's Web Site CLICK HERE

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#NF017 - Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Farage!

#NF017 - Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Farage!

#0118* - UKIP's POSITION? - Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Farage! 

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable!
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
 their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
UKIP's POSITION? - Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Farage!
We ALL Witnessed his Reichstag Fire Scam to aid The BNP
and rid himself of the integrity on HIS NEC!



 Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Farage

Euro-Action Conference in Berlin, 25th Sept, Keynote speaker Nigel Farge MEP. 
Euro-Action Conference in Berlin, 25th Sept, Keynote speaker Nigel Farge MEP.
The five professors taking the Constitutional Court Challenge to the Greek Bailout in Germany are organising an important political action conference in Berlin on Saturday 25th Sept.
Euro-Action Conference in Berlin, 25th Sept, Keynote speaker Nigel Farge MEP.
The five professors taking the Constitutional Court Challenge to the Greek Bailout in Germany are organising an important political action conference in Berlin on Saturday 25th Sept.
Nigel Farage, UKIP MEP and President of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group has been asked to make the keynote speech.

After criticising the democratic legitimacy of the EU, as well as the wisdom of the Euro project,  

Mr Farage will call for the development of a EU Critical movement in Germany fit to present candidates in the 2014 European Parliament election.

He shall be seeking to build on the strong growth of euro-critical opinion in Germany over the last six months.
Date  Saturday 25th September 2010.
Place: Reinbeckhalle in Berlin-Oberschöneweide.
Time of Nigel Farage's speech: 10.30am
I really do wonder why Farage doesn't just leave UKIP as clearly Britain is just a vehicle for his enrichment.
He would seem to be building himself a power base on the Continent and despite the FACT that he was resoundingly defeated at The Farage Feste in Torquay on the issue of ditching UKIP and forming a Pan EU Political Party as The EFD and yet he continues in cahoots with the racist, pro EU membership EFD despite their anti Judaism and panchante for violence - now we see him in Berlin making a key note speech for German political interests.

It is noted that on his way out of the door having resigned as Chairman Paul Nuttall has announced that UKIP will shelve any plans to form The EFD Party!

Paul Nuttall may believe this but may I remind him that he is an EX chairman and there is no reason whatsoever to believe this announcement - particularly since it is perfectly simple for the current leader to make all the relevant positioning, including speeches in Berlin at The Reinbeckhalle, and fill in the details on the morning of 06-Nov-2010 on the basis of
'I have a majority of the votes for Fuhrer and I obtained them on the basis that I would professionalise the party, the first step being to take center stage as a fully fledged sell out Party to the EU'.

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Farage!

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Saturday, 18 September 2010


Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable!
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
 their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



Nigel Farage speaking to his local Kent paper admits he wasn't up to the job of leader last time he corruptly and based on dishonesty seized the control.

We now know that not only did he lie about Pearson, as it was predicted that he would leave immediately after the election and he did, but loitered like a bad smell as a result of Farage's plane crash - from which he has not properly recovered.

Some of Farage's catastrophic decisions as Party Leader:

Failure to appoint competent Media staff.

Failure to account for £211,000 that was seemingly trousered from his constituency office.

Lied to the media about firing Tom Wise.

Failure to account for 85%+ of the money raised through Dartford.

Advocated Pearson as a credible proxy leader.

Involved in outright corruption in MEP selection.

Failure to address outright fraud by Bannerman & Agnew as per CLICK HERE

Failure to address Money Laundering by Agnew, Farage, Pearson as per CLICK HERE

Appointment of the clearly corrupt Marta Andreasen CLICK HERE + further links.

Outright lies to media about publishing accounts.

Outright dishonesty about promising not to employ family.

Outright failure to show ANY vision or leadership ability.

Outright failure to conduct a Petition with no petition delivered and no accounting Did HE steal £1/4Million?

Total failure over a dozen years as leader to implement systems, structure or organisation.

Failure to account the 4000 account money, has he merely trousered £Millions?.

Failure to account the €6,000 a year travel budget for each MEP has he used it as bribes?

Failure to develope and build a party structure.

Failure to attract and employ competent staff.

Failure to conduct honest transparent internal elections.

Clearly Farage has shown himself as both unfit to be trusted, unfit as a leader and proven utterly incompetent.

Interestingly you will note he has admitted he isn't up to the job to his local paper - he has said if he is elected he will hire professional leadership as a team - will this be his wife and some drinking buddies as in all other instances or a new Annabelle Fuller for him and pond life like Mark Croucher?

One has to admire Farage for his brass necked indifference to UKIP & its members as long as it lines his pockets and provides his creature comforts - what a creature, what comforts!

With Bannerman standing to split the vote in opposition as he diod last time there is no point in wasting money on this stitch up!
Farage makes to be Ukip leader for second time
Nigel Farage
KENT NEWS: Nigel Farage says he will reshape Ukip's management structure if members allow him to lead the party for a second time.

The 46-year-old Sevenoaks resident only quit the role 12 months ago but is hankering for a return after the unexpected resignation of his successor, Lord Pearson.

When Mr Farage first stepped down as Ukip leader he told members it was because it was too difficult to manage the party as well as serve as an MEP for the South East.

However, he told KOS Media this week he had found a solution for the problem.

"I was just overwhelmed the first time round," said Mr Farage. "It was just too much for one person to bear and intolerable.

"It still is a huge burden, but I've thrown my hat in the ring with the intention to do things differently if I get the job again.

"I've learned that you can't really be a leader and a manager at the same time, so I would being in a chief executive and a team of professionals to run things while I focused on the media and publicity side.

"I've agonised over this decision. Politically, there are huge opportunities for Ukip, especially as the policies of the three main parties have virtually merged into one. I've done the job before, I know what's needed and I believe I've had a reasonable amount of success in the role.

"I never intended to come back after one year, but I feel this is what I have to do."

Mr Farage was one of the founding members of the UK Independence Party in 1993 and led the party from 2006 until September, 2009.

Another reason for his resignation was to devote more time to standing against House of Commons Speaker John Bercow in May's General Election - a decision which almost cost Mr Farage his life when the plane he was in crashed on polling day.

The accident left the former Bromley schoolboy with serious back injuries that continue to plague him, and which could have put paid to his leadership plans.

Mr Farage said: "Two or three of my vertebrae are damaged and will probably never be the same, but in the week before the conference I put myself through a gruelling travel schedule and somehow managed it.

"My back isn't what it should be but I've found I can get by regardless and I'm quite pleased about that."

Mr Farage's fellow MEPs David Campbell Bannerman and Gerard Batten have also said they will contest the UKIP leadership election, expected to take place in November.

Another former leader, Jeffrey Titford, has been placed in temporary charge.
To view the original article CLICK HERE

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Thursday, 16 September 2010



Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable! NOT with Farage!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,  like Farage
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the Farage appointed NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% in leadership a bad name!


UKIP: Is this the sort of person you want as leader?

Is this man appropriate as UKIP leader if UKIP is to have a genuine future leading these United Kingdoms out of the EU?

Farage has been defacto leader of UKIP for a decade and a half and we are no closer to leaving The EU than when he seized the leadership - He is however a great deal wealthier!

This is a man who has NEVER been elec ted to anything in his own right or by his own efforts honestly!

An adulterer.

An alcohol addict who is often drunk and frequently behaves inappropriately.

Someone who condones highly dubious electoral practices within UKIP & outright dishonesty and corruption.

Someone who controls all staff placements without consultation.

Someone who refuses to explain what he holds in a trust fund on the Isle of Man or its source.

Someone who took £250,000 + other monies to fund a petition which was never conducted shortly after his co conspirators Mark Croucher & David Lott purchased 2 pubs and made a costly home relocation respectively.

Someone prepared to abuse his position of access to media for the party, party funds and data bases.

Someone who refuses to publish a full audit of his MEP accounts/expenses (public money!).

Someone who refuses to say what his wife exactly does to earn £30,000 a year as an EU funded member of his staff.

Someone who refuses to explain what happened to all the monies raised via the now infamous Ashford call centre where less than 15% ever reached UKIP.

Someone who promises not to exploit the 'Gravy Train' yet uses tax payers' money to buy himself a supplimentary preferential EU pension!

Someone who gave a solumn undertaking to publish his accounts and those of every UKIP MEP in 1999 and has never done so to date.

Someone who refuses to explain what happened to the £211,000 that 'vanished' from UKIP's SE accounts.

Someone who sits alongside some of the most extreme right wing groups in Europe - including the Lega Nord - for personal financial gain.

Someone who promised before the last election to publish his full accounts to buy votes and has reneged on his promise.

In short, a thoroughly disreputable amoral individual who few would welcome into their own homes if they understood what sort of man he really is!

His name - Nigel Farage MEP
To view the original article CLICK HERE
Pic. c/o Andrew Edwards

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

#NF0014* - Nigel FARAGE Corrupts UKIP Coronation Scam

#NF0014* - Nigel FARAGE Corrupts UKIP Coronation Scam


we note that Junius has also picked up on the news about Nigel Farage cheating.

Nigel Farage despite all the huff and puff would seem NEVER to have won a fair election and believes anything he wishes to do to be placed in position is acceptable.

Firstly we predicted in detail when and where and even how he would befoul his own annual Fan Club Gathering to announce his election. We were spot on right!

Now it is very clear he is cheating to ensure no fair and honest challenger stands a fair and honest chance.

I guess it does help to have control of UKIP's staff and the various corrupt members of the NEC!

Here is Junius' comment:

Naughty Farage

Nigel Farage has been very busy lately. He has been using the UKIP database in order to phone members and ask them for their vote in the upcoming leadership election. He has gone out of his way to ‘advise’ members that the other candidates lack the ‘experience’ and ‘necessary qualities’ needed for the role.

So what qualities would they be? Trousering millions? Committing adultery? Chucking out anyone he doesn’t agree with you? Being an ass and a drunk?

So have the other leadership candidates been allowed access to UKIP’s national membership database? We hear not. And so the dirty tricks begin!
The original can be seen if you CLICK HERE

Sunday, 5 September 2010




UKIP's shambolic conference has just ended and mercifully Godfrey Bloom was not sexually gratifying himself with prostitutes on the bonnets of cars in Torquay, nor so drunk he is banned from the hotels as he is in The EU for urinating in plant pots and that he was not arrested this time one must assume he was not absconding from bordellos without paying as has happened in Brussels - am I to understand there are no bordellos in Torquay or perhaps not the callibre he and his MEP chums are used to when at the EU pretend parliament where they are to be guaranteed to do even less work as they are to be fined if they do not sit through speeches!

I understand the 'hotel' at which Graham Booth stayed was both exceeding costly but also provided every service an old man on his own might require and some that he could only previously have imagined!

The greatest shambles was the publicity UKIP seemingly orchestrated! Last time it was the pack of lies from the disgruntled ex employee the foul mouthed Fuller which somehow she had panaged to blackmail (perhaps) Nigel Farage into endorsing. It seems he was only too willing to lie and damage UKIP for the sake of his 'close friend' Annabelle Fuller.

This year almost the only publicity was of UKIP in shambolic disarray and an attack by an disgruntled ex employee - so whats new!

Well I guess what was new was that it does rather look as if the allegedly disgruntled ex employ was a plant set to place a time bomb in the expennses structure of a UKIP elected MEP who has rather shown the leadership for the liars, racists, biggots, charlatans anti Jewish unprincipled trash they are.

Let us see if they manage to garner any further publicity!

I understand the seemingly maligned MEP now sitting as a UKIP MEP but independent has made arrangements with OLAF to set up a meeting to investigate her staff and her accounts and see what other time bombs have been planted. It is interesting that the allegations pertain to a period when the MEP was still with UKIP and the aid has been harboured when discrepancies were identified by the MEP themselves!

Coincidence - I think not as far too much of this sort of underhand and dishonourable behaviour is clearly linked to Nigel Farage and what of the many £Millions for which he can not account has he just stolen the money?

One reporter stated that the average age of the attendees at Torquay was well in excess of 60 and one wag described the party as unlikely to have any members left the election after next.Here is a reminder of the calliber of the anointed next leader when he decides to don his crown - he has many of the skills his elderly follows can but vaguelly remember one of those that they tend to have remembered well is probity but of course that would not feature in an article about Farage.

NotW 29-Jan-2006

MARRIED MEP Nigel Farage formed a European union with a half-German, half-Swedish blonde and begged her—yes, it was a WOMAN—to get MaaSTRICHT with him during sex.

UK Independence Party MEP Farage is a fierce Eurosceptic. But he proved he can embrace Europeans if he wants to when he bedded Liga Howells—who was born in Latvia and speaks seven languages—hours after meeting her in a pub.

The public school-educated toff stunned Liga with his kinky demands.

"I was quite shocked when he asked me to smack him during love-making," revealed 25-year-old Liga. "He asked me if I would put him over my knee, but I refused, although I did give in and give him a few gentle taps while we were having sex.

"He also liked to call me Miss. It was ‘Yes Miss' or ‘No Miss' when we were in bed. I found this very odd.

"It was like he needed for me to dominate him, he enjoyed being controlled. I found it all a bit weird."

Former Latvian TV news channel reporter Liga told how the UKIP Euro leader made sure she got NO KIP making love at least SEVEN times during their night of passion.

Farage only informed her he had a wife as they lay exhausted on her bed.

"It wasn't after the first time we had sex that he told me, it was after quite a few times," Liga said: "Afterwards he fell asleep and kept me awake because he was snoring like a horse."

Ex-commodity broker Farage, 41, has joined the growing list of politicians exposed in sex scandals. The News of the World revealed how Lib Dem leadership hopeful Mark Oaten had an affair with a rent boy. Then his fellow candidate Simon Hughes admitted he was gay after TWICE denying it.

Liga, who is separated from her Brit husband, met Farage in the Black Horse pub near her home in Biggin Hill, Kent, on January 6.

Farage shares a house with wife Kirsten less than three miles from the pub. But Liga said the £59,000-a-year politician moved fast to get her INTO phpbb_bed.

She said: "We got quite close in the pub and we began kissing while we were in there. We agreed it would be ‘one night, and one night only' between us."

Liga and Farage, who helped found UKIP in 1993, then went back to her house.

They sat drinking wine and chatting until the early hours, when they went upstairs and stripped off to get in the bath together.

"We didn't have sex in the bath but it was quite nice. He has a very good body for a man his age. He was quite well endowed too."

After 20 minutes they dried off and headed for the bedroom, where Liga performed a sex act using ice cubes.

She said: "I put the ice cubes in my mouth. He really enjoyed what I was doing and was very noisy in letting me know."

But Liga said she was left speechless when father-of-four Farage, revealed his kinky fantasy. "It was so weird," she explained. "He asked me to smack him. He went, ‘Smack me, Miss'. I have never, ever heard anything like this in my whole life.

"He did ask me to humiliate him. It is beyond belief some of the things he asked me to do. And I wasn't prepared to do what he asked me.

"We must have had sex about seven times. He had very good stamina."

The pair exchanged numbers —but Farage's wife found Liga's on his mobile and called.

Liga said: "She was completely quiet on the other end. It freaked me out."

In December Farage hit the headlines when he taunted Tony Blair as he made his final speech as EU President in Brussels.

And in 2004 Farage was exposed for quaffing £100 bottles of bubbly in seedy lap-dancing clubs in London and Strasbourg.

Last night he admitted he was in the ‘dog house' with his wife for staying out all night at Liga's.

He said: "I made a huge error of judgment going back with her."

But he claimed: "I didn't have a sexual relationship with her.

"That's her fantasy."

Some may remember on what was then The UKIP Forum – Rob McWhirter and I tried the damage limitation of making a joke of this but as you can see poor Matt Davis was too thick to understand what was going on!!

I have NEVER seen an intelligent contribution from this deeply challenged little chappy!

37,000+ attempts but each shows him to be supremely foolish in endless competition with Brendan Padmore who makes less effort numerically but is clearly the winner!


Saturday, 4 September 2010




On Junius and on UKIP-v-EUkip we all said he would. Farage has announced his decision to stand for the leadership.

He said:

"I'm far from perfect, but I do think I'm able, through the media, to deliver a good, simple, understandable message and I believe I can lead this party from the front as a campaigning organisation."

End of quote.

Farage is the favourite to win. His re-election as leader would be a disaster for UKIP. The man is totally without morality or decency. His patriotism is a sham. He is solely motivated by a desire to increase the size of his bank balance.

Farage is now a very rich man thanks to the EU. He has openly boasted of claiming £2 million in expenses since becoming an MEP. He refuses to publish a full audit of his expenses despite promising to do so. He also employs his wife on £30,000 a year - thanks to the EU.

On July 25th 1999, Meridian TV’s ‘Seven Days’ programme, put a straight question to Mr Farage, and received in response an unequivocal answer. An answer that has now come back to haunt Nigel.

Reporter Phil Hornby: Is there something, Nigel Farage, a touch hypocritical about you flying out on these free flights and enjoying the restaurants and so on of the parliament here, and enjoyng the gravy train, so-called, life of an MEP? How do you square that circle?

Nigel Farage: You will remember that right through (the 1999 Euro campaign) that we said we are not going on the gravy train; that we are the only people who are intending, annually, to publish so that the public can inspect them, our expense accounts, our allowance accounts, and the excess that we get - the excess that we are forced to take - particularly on travelling allowances, we are going to be putting into a trust fund and that money will be used to help victims of the European Union in our country, so I do reject the allegation that we’re on the gravy train and there’s certainly no chance of the three of us going native

 That was in 1999 and it was a lie then 11 years ago and it is still a lie now yet Farage has admitted toreceiving £2,000,000 over and above his salary and his expenses which he seemingly has just pocketed.

However without Farage actually telloing the truth for once we will not know the details of that money.

Nor sadly will we know what has happened to several £Millions more that look all too much as if they have been stolen and trousered.

Meanwhile virtually nothing has been achieved beyond the self enrichment of a few crooks in UKIP leadership at the expense of the members and the party and thus my Country.

Why would Farage care with his German wife, alien origins and obvious joy at the money he can cream as an MEP and leader of the utterly corrupt EFD Group which is so very profitable for Farage personally.

That he has stood forward to be the last leader of UKIP has a strange irony to it - without Farage UKIP may not have grown but as I warned at least a dozen years ago if he is EVER permitted to lead the party he will kill the goose that laid his golden eggs.

Clearly I was as right then as now.