Tuesday, 14 September 2010

#NF0014* - Nigel FARAGE Corrupts UKIP Coronation Scam

#NF0014* - Nigel FARAGE Corrupts UKIP Coronation Scam


we note that Junius has also picked up on the news about Nigel Farage cheating.

Nigel Farage despite all the huff and puff would seem NEVER to have won a fair election and believes anything he wishes to do to be placed in position is acceptable.

Firstly we predicted in detail when and where and even how he would befoul his own annual Fan Club Gathering to announce his election. We were spot on right!

Now it is very clear he is cheating to ensure no fair and honest challenger stands a fair and honest chance.

I guess it does help to have control of UKIP's staff and the various corrupt members of the NEC!

Here is Junius' comment:

Naughty Farage

Nigel Farage has been very busy lately. He has been using the UKIP database in order to phone members and ask them for their vote in the upcoming leadership election. He has gone out of his way to ‘advise’ members that the other candidates lack the ‘experience’ and ‘necessary qualities’ needed for the role.

So what qualities would they be? Trousering millions? Committing adultery? Chucking out anyone he doesn’t agree with you? Being an ass and a drunk?

So have the other leadership candidates been allowed access to UKIP’s national membership database? We hear not. And so the dirty tricks begin!
The original can be seen if you CLICK HERE

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