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UKIP's shambolic conference has just ended and mercifully Godfrey Bloom was not sexually gratifying himself with prostitutes on the bonnets of cars in Torquay, nor so drunk he is banned from the hotels as he is in The EU for urinating in plant pots and that he was not arrested this time one must assume he was not absconding from bordellos without paying as has happened in Brussels - am I to understand there are no bordellos in Torquay or perhaps not the callibre he and his MEP chums are used to when at the EU pretend parliament where they are to be guaranteed to do even less work as they are to be fined if they do not sit through speeches!

I understand the 'hotel' at which Graham Booth stayed was both exceeding costly but also provided every service an old man on his own might require and some that he could only previously have imagined!

The greatest shambles was the publicity UKIP seemingly orchestrated! Last time it was the pack of lies from the disgruntled ex employee the foul mouthed Fuller which somehow she had panaged to blackmail (perhaps) Nigel Farage into endorsing. It seems he was only too willing to lie and damage UKIP for the sake of his 'close friend' Annabelle Fuller.

This year almost the only publicity was of UKIP in shambolic disarray and an attack by an disgruntled ex employee - so whats new!

Well I guess what was new was that it does rather look as if the allegedly disgruntled ex employ was a plant set to place a time bomb in the expennses structure of a UKIP elected MEP who has rather shown the leadership for the liars, racists, biggots, charlatans anti Jewish unprincipled trash they are.

Let us see if they manage to garner any further publicity!

I understand the seemingly maligned MEP now sitting as a UKIP MEP but independent has made arrangements with OLAF to set up a meeting to investigate her staff and her accounts and see what other time bombs have been planted. It is interesting that the allegations pertain to a period when the MEP was still with UKIP and the aid has been harboured when discrepancies were identified by the MEP themselves!

Coincidence - I think not as far too much of this sort of underhand and dishonourable behaviour is clearly linked to Nigel Farage and what of the many £Millions for which he can not account has he just stolen the money?

One reporter stated that the average age of the attendees at Torquay was well in excess of 60 and one wag described the party as unlikely to have any members left the election after next.Here is a reminder of the calliber of the anointed next leader when he decides to don his crown - he has many of the skills his elderly follows can but vaguelly remember one of those that they tend to have remembered well is probity but of course that would not feature in an article about Farage.

NotW 29-Jan-2006

MARRIED MEP Nigel Farage formed a European union with a half-German, half-Swedish blonde and begged her—yes, it was a WOMAN—to get MaaSTRICHT with him during sex.

UK Independence Party MEP Farage is a fierce Eurosceptic. But he proved he can embrace Europeans if he wants to when he bedded Liga Howells—who was born in Latvia and speaks seven languages—hours after meeting her in a pub.

The public school-educated toff stunned Liga with his kinky demands.

"I was quite shocked when he asked me to smack him during love-making," revealed 25-year-old Liga. "He asked me if I would put him over my knee, but I refused, although I did give in and give him a few gentle taps while we were having sex.

"He also liked to call me Miss. It was ‘Yes Miss' or ‘No Miss' when we were in bed. I found this very odd.

"It was like he needed for me to dominate him, he enjoyed being controlled. I found it all a bit weird."

Former Latvian TV news channel reporter Liga told how the UKIP Euro leader made sure she got NO KIP making love at least SEVEN times during their night of passion.

Farage only informed her he had a wife as they lay exhausted on her bed.

"It wasn't after the first time we had sex that he told me, it was after quite a few times," Liga said: "Afterwards he fell asleep and kept me awake because he was snoring like a horse."

Ex-commodity broker Farage, 41, has joined the growing list of politicians exposed in sex scandals. The News of the World revealed how Lib Dem leadership hopeful Mark Oaten had an affair with a rent boy. Then his fellow candidate Simon Hughes admitted he was gay after TWICE denying it.

Liga, who is separated from her Brit husband, met Farage in the Black Horse pub near her home in Biggin Hill, Kent, on January 6.

Farage shares a house with wife Kirsten less than three miles from the pub. But Liga said the £59,000-a-year politician moved fast to get her INTO phpbb_bed.

She said: "We got quite close in the pub and we began kissing while we were in there. We agreed it would be ‘one night, and one night only' between us."

Liga and Farage, who helped found UKIP in 1993, then went back to her house.

They sat drinking wine and chatting until the early hours, when they went upstairs and stripped off to get in the bath together.

"We didn't have sex in the bath but it was quite nice. He has a very good body for a man his age. He was quite well endowed too."

After 20 minutes they dried off and headed for the bedroom, where Liga performed a sex act using ice cubes.

She said: "I put the ice cubes in my mouth. He really enjoyed what I was doing and was very noisy in letting me know."

But Liga said she was left speechless when father-of-four Farage, revealed his kinky fantasy. "It was so weird," she explained. "He asked me to smack him. He went, ‘Smack me, Miss'. I have never, ever heard anything like this in my whole life.

"He did ask me to humiliate him. It is beyond belief some of the things he asked me to do. And I wasn't prepared to do what he asked me.

"We must have had sex about seven times. He had very good stamina."

The pair exchanged numbers —but Farage's wife found Liga's on his mobile and called.

Liga said: "She was completely quiet on the other end. It freaked me out."

In December Farage hit the headlines when he taunted Tony Blair as he made his final speech as EU President in Brussels.

And in 2004 Farage was exposed for quaffing £100 bottles of bubbly in seedy lap-dancing clubs in London and Strasbourg.

Last night he admitted he was in the ‘dog house' with his wife for staying out all night at Liga's.

He said: "I made a huge error of judgment going back with her."

But he claimed: "I didn't have a sexual relationship with her.

"That's her fantasy."

Some may remember on what was then The UKIP Forum – Rob McWhirter and I tried the damage limitation of making a joke of this but as you can see poor Matt Davis was too thick to understand what was going on!!

I have NEVER seen an intelligent contribution from this deeply challenged little chappy!

37,000+ attempts but each shows him to be supremely foolish in endless competition with Brendan Padmore who makes less effort numerically but is clearly the winner!


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