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#NF029* - 02-Dec-2010 - Justin ADAMS Pilot in Court & Nigel FARAGE MEP of UKIP

#NF029* - 02-Dec-2010 - Justin ADAMS Pilot in Court & Nigel FARAGE MEP of UKIP


Having spoken with Justin Adams at some length in July, when he called me for assistance after the accident
Air Accident Report: 11/2010 G-BWDF EW/G2010/05/03 - UKIP Banner Dragging!
which can be seen if you CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE not only found but shows in some detail.

There is no doubt that the accident had marked effects on both Adams and Farage.

Justin Adams, as the pilot, had nothing but praise for Farage - which I have written about elsewhere. Farage had taken the attitude that there are two of us in this mess - you are a trained pilot and no doubt have no desire to die - admitting there was nothing he could do other than tighten his seat belts and take on an ashen silence!

May I remind readers that Farage suggested avoiding the village of Charlton, adding to their own risk but minimising the risk to others - FOR WHICH FARAGE & ADAMS are to be commended.

Hanging upside down in his straps and concussed Farage's comment that he could do with a fag - may well be interpreted as a death threat in view of the 90liters of fuel pouring over the pilot which led to hypothermia and also the fuel was running over Farage! Fortunately Farage had the presence of mind to avoid indulgence - that alone seems unusual!!

I do appreciate that Justin Adams at the first opportunity advised Farage that he was heavily insured and expected Farage to capitalise on this fact.

Adams was also far from happy at the delays by the aurthorities in producing their report exhonourating him - if ANY criticism could be laid at his door it would be the judgement call of landing on the grass to avoid sparking when the manual suggests landing on tarmac to exploit the reduced friction and probability of flipping.

Yes Adams was annoyed at two things the first he openly voiced, being the slow progress of the authorities the second - minded that he is a Tory and knows little of Farage he wanted to check Farage's phone number - though I gathered he had intentionally distanced himself so as not to damage any claim Farage may wish to make.

I am also aware that Farage claimed that last Friday complaining they were harrassing him or some such. It seems he had been phoned once and personally contacted also as openly reported.

I would not be remotely surprised if Justin Adams had been verbally 'difficult'.

Justin Adam's experienced an air crash - such traumas have different effects on different people.

A frioend of mine has only just started requiring serious treatment for the flash back effect of his experiences in Aden as a Para sniper - I can well understand how he feels just as a friend of mine spent days talking with me when he was blown to bits in The Falklands. My own Father woke at least once a week with nightmares from his time as a fighter pilot and the work he did in the liberation of Bergen Bergen Belsen whilst with 350 Squadron - that continued until he died in his 80s.

Everyone reacts to trauma differently.

Justin Adams hung upside down soaked in fuel whilst his arm was trapped against the exhaust burning! Justin Adams has been in and out of hospital several times with damage to the digestive tract - he has lost several stone in weight and his livelihood has been trashed - he owned the plane and it was a write-off.

Sadly during this trauma Justin Adams found himself facing a divorce.

Yes I can understand Justin Adams behaving stupidly but based on my conversations with him and the opinions of friends who have spoken to him I rather hope the Court will consider the background to the claimed accusations.

May I remind everyone that my comments are NOT definitive but are based on some experience.

There is of course the possibility that we have unearthed a mad axe man or worse still created one but I have my doubts ;-)

I believe it would be irresponsible of me to provide further facts or speculation as the case is now 'Sub Judice' and justice may be denied by the speculation of those with insufficient information.

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