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To QUOTE Junius - Nigel Farage: The New Gandhi!

To QUOTE Junius - Nigel Farage: The New Gandhi!

Nigel Farage: The New Gandhi?

Nigel Farage: A drunkard and a fool. And it certainly shows!

Much nonsense has been written recently about the so-called surge in popularity of UKIP in the polls (more on this tomorrow). One writer - Alex Singleton - even made the ludicrous claim that Nigel Farage was the new Gandhi! We suggest that Mr Singleton does a little bit more research into Farage's background and real motivations before insulting the dead by comparing them to a degenerate. It may even prevent Mr Singleton from looking foolish in the future.

What has poor Gandhi ever done to deserve such an insult? Gandhi was motivated by a desire to see his people freed from British rule. He was a humble man, a person who did not seek riches or glory for himself. He also hated sycophancy and deplored racism. To compare this man with Farage is frankly insulting to both the Indian leader and the Indian people.

Farage is motivated solely by ego and wealth. He has claimed millions in expenses since becoming an MEP and has amassed a fortune, most of which is safely placed in his Isle of Man back account. He STILL refuses to publish a full audit of his accounts. This is despite numerous promises to do so. And why does he still refuse to explain what happened to the £211,000 that 'vanished' from UKIP's South East accounts? A similar amount was later paid into his Isle of Man account. Coincidence?

Farage surrounds himself with sycophants, drunkards and liars. Any criticism of his 'leadership' is met with smears against the critic. And exactly the same thing happens when new talent emerges in the party. Farage's deep-seated insecurity just won't allow it. They are either forced out of the party or kicked out on trumped up charges of 'disloyalty'. Look what happened to Nikki Sinclaire! However, Farage always gets others to do his dirty work as he lacks the courage to face his party critics in open debate.

Farage openly sits with racist MEPs in the EFD group, including those who have praised the Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik. See: LINK.

He has the morals of a Alley Cat - the words of Mike Nattrass, UKIP MEP - and thinks nothing of cheating on his wife with Annabelle Fuller and various other assorted 'alley cats'. See: LINK.

This is what Richard North, his former researcher, had to say about his time with the UKIP leader:

 "I am not and was not prepared to be a bag-carrier. Nor would I fetch and carry for Farage, or write his letters, or be available to pour him into a taxi when he was so blind drunk that he could no longer stand, or cover for him when he failed to turn up for morning appointments because he had been out on the tiles all night long. I am almost old enough to be his father, but I am not in the business of being his nanny. I am a professional researcher and that, in my mind, was what I was employed to do."

We could go on but to compile a complete list fully illustrating Farage's dishonesty, lack of ethics and greed would be endless!

Farage is just another example of the worst in British politics - a man without integrity or honour. His 'euro-scepticism 'is nothing more than a cynical ploy in order to stay on the EU Gravy Train at the British taxpayer's expense. Farage is now an extremely wealthy man thanks to his career as a UKIP MEP. And yet in all his years as an MEP he has given virtually nothing to UKIP in the way of donations. Hardly the actions of a man committed to leaving the EU! Farage went 'native' years ago.

Britain's new Gandhi? Don't make us laugh!

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