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UKIP Candidate Kim GANDY, Farage & The EDL

UKIP Candidate Kim GANDY, Farage & The EDL

#0729* - UKIP Candidate Kim GANDY & The EDL!
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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
UKIP Candidate Kim GANDY & The EDL!

It makes one wonder if UKIP has ANY standards as clearly they will fish in any gutter for money!

UKIP MEPs make that very clear!


one has to wonder what Nigel Farage sees in this UKIP candidate!

Is this just a sign of just how leaderless and unprofessional UKIP is with the caliber of MEPs who have remained in The EFD with UKIP so befouling the EUroSceptic causer with its racism, xenophobia, anti Judaism, holocaust denial, violence and intolerant fear of homosexuals - Just what has UKIP done to move these United Kingdoms one iota closer to liberty, freedom, tolerance and self determination as a sovereign peoples?

We have the likes of Gerard Batten preaching what seerms to be little more than race hatred and intolerance based on his personal fears and superstitions - Paul Nuttall making a spectacular fool of himself with his childish and irrelevant choices of campaign which do nothing to support the gravitas of the EUroSceptic cause.

The endless Court cases UKIP so regularly looses do NOTHING for the EUroSceptic cause they are just a product of UKIP's self serving self interest - is it any wonder it achieves so very little when it so clearly acts for a small clique seeking self enrichment supported by a claque who live on the crumbs from the feast of bribe money at the EU troughs!

How can this candidate be seen as any more likely to bring credibility to EUroScepticism than the likes of self serving garbage like Nuttall, Bannerman, Agnew, Wise, Batten, Bloom, Clark, Bufton who greased their way up the pole and have done so very little for these United Kingdoms and so very much for themselves - Just look how much of their effort is put into hanging onto their jobs and how much is put into getting re-elected!

Consider when they are found guilty of fraud and ordered to repay large amounts of money just howmuch effort they make to hide their self enrichment! They steal and then they lie and try to blame and destroy others to hide their shame to hang onto their income streams!

It seems UKIP will consort with any garbage to hang onto their incomes and to hell with ethics, integrity or British values.

You may find the following of interest from a noted web site  and wonder, as I did, what has this to do with UKIP liberty, freedom, sovereignty and the CLAIMED values of UKIP:

Tuesday 17th January, 2011 15:30

Today we welcome staunch EDL supporter and UKIP mouthpiece, 52 year old Kim Gandy to EDL News.

Gandy is possibly the angriest far right extremist we have seen since trolling through their Facebook pages. An ex-BNPer, Gandy is now a UKIP spokesperson for Vange, Basildon and  is not creating the fluffy sort of image I am sure they would want.

Aggressive and abusive in Newspaper comments sections, this reply was to a story about about the European referendum:

The rest can be read here but she is hardly endearing her self to the local population.

Gandy's UKIP Facebook profile is here and she describes herself as:

Outspoken, passionate, genuine, sentimental, loving, caring, patriotic to the core; 

She clearly missed out racist, xenophobic, abusive. She also describes herself as a member and candidate of UKIP.

Gandy is currently engaging in a 'democratic campaign' to get Exposing Racism and Intolerance Online's Facebook group closed down. Expose screenshot racist comments by EDL members and being a spokesman for a fringe political party, you would have thought she would be against racism which does make you wonder why UKIP have this person on board.
 Nigel Farage & Kim Candy
We have screenshots taken this week of Gandy (posting as Boadicea Ireni) encouraging her Facebook friends to mass report the page. Each demand gets more and more aggressive, you can almost hear her screeching like a banshee
To read more of the web site in question and more of the vile & senseless hatred that seems to underpin much of what UKIP now stands for as members of the EFD CLICK HERE
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